My Skin Firming Body Oil

Last week I sent a wonderful recipe for a radiant skin face serum and today I'm sending one you can use on your entire body to firm and tone your skin.
The top three oils for sagging skin are:  
Frankincense Essential Oil
Helichrysum Essential Oil 
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Here is a wonderful Firming Body Oil Recipe I Love!

Free Beauty Consult

YOU GUYS. You already know how excited I am about Beautycounter and their safe clean makeup (they TRIPLE-test for toxins and heavy metals) 
 And...what you put in your body is just as important as what you use on your body.  So if you're using makeup/skincare/or lifestyle products that are not tested for toxicity you are likely causing hormonal imbalance and inflammation which in turn causes trapped belly fat, weight loss plateaus, and accelerated aging.  

We All Deserve Better


You probably know by now how much I care about reducing toxins and inflammation in our bodies to balance hormones, release trapped fat and live a vibrant healthy life.  
Up until now my focus has been on nutrition and exercise through healing foods and healing movements.
However, in the past year I have had a particular question/topic weighing heavy on my heart. I had ignored it for quite some time purely out of being a bit lazy and afraid of the answer.  

Fall Asleep…And Stay Asleep Every Night :)

Anytime I discover something that makes my life better - I know I have to share it with you!
Since starting my own business there were many nights that sleep eluded me even when doing everything right.  I was beginning to become super frustrated and was exhausted from lack of sleep.  So... like I always do I started to research and found many things pointing to the benefits of essential oils for my lifestyle, immunity, skin and sleep benefits. 
Therefore, over the last year I have been experimenting and using them in myeveryday life.  And I can't tell you how much of a difference they have made in my life.

Superfood Hot Cocoa

I think you probably know by now how much I LOVE chocolate...
So I knew I had to come up with a healthy version of one of my fave wintertime drinks - Hot Cocoa!
It's a true comfort food for me and this delish recipe tastes amazing but instead of sugar is filled with amazing superfoods to help you
burn fat...and will give you a metabolism boost and amazing energy.