My Skin Firming Body Oil

Last week I sent a wonderful recipe for a radiant skin face serum and today I'm sending one you can use on your entire body to firm and tone your skin.
The top three oils for sagging skin are:  
Frankincense Essential Oil
Helichrysum Essential Oil 
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Here is a wonderful Firming Body Oil Recipe I Love!

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YOU GUYS. You already know how excited I am about Beautycounter and their safe clean makeup (they TRIPLE-test for toxins and heavy metals) 
 And...what you put in your body is just as important as what you use on your body.  So if you're using makeup/skincare/or lifestyle products that are not tested for toxicity you are likely causing hormonal imbalance and inflammation which in turn causes trapped belly fat, weight loss plateaus, and accelerated aging.