About Erin

Hi there and thanks for stopping by The Youth Method!

I’m Erin and as a woman in her forties, I truly believe that no matter your age – we all deserve to lead a life we love.

Over the past few years I made some surprising discoveries. Everything I had been taught about health, nutrition, and fitness was completely wrong.

After years of eating low carb processed foods and working out for hours on end I felt awful, looked even worse, and honestly was very uncomfortable in my body. I was not managing my stress or getting enough sleep and it began to catch up to me in the form of skin problems like rosacea, weight gain, and joint pain.

So along with my learning and discoveries from working with thousands of patients as a Physical Therapist, my own nutrition trial and error, nutrition and epigenetic studies – I was able to find the truth and the keys to health, longevity, and weight loss.

The Youth Method Incorporates 3 foundational pillars –> EAT, MOVE, LOVE.

My true passion is to share what I have learned and experienced to anyone that wants to love life as you experience weight loss, improved health, and limitless energy NATURALLY.

The beautiful thing is – we all have the potential to create it for ourselves. By harnessing the power of Epigenetics or in less fancy terms how you eat, how you move, even your thoughts – you can influence how your body gives information to your genes and can reprogram them for better or worse. I’m dedicated to tackling the root causes of deteriorating youth and health by harnessing that power and is the passion behind the Youth Method – EAT, MOVE, LOVE.

Through The Youth Method you can learn how to optimize your gene expression for health through healing foods, healing movement, and healing mindset. You can activate your body’s natural ability to turn your good genes on and your bad genes off for vibrant health, fat loss, and ageless energy.

I’m living proof of what The Youth Method can do for you.

If I can do it, you can too.

The Youth Method works. So many diet and nutrition “experts” still teach starvation diets with tasteless food and many times don’t include other very important strategies that affect youthfulness, disease, and energy.

The Youth Method incorporates not only nutrition, but also harnesses the power of epigenetics and gene optimization to give you weight loss, vibrant energy, and a youthful healthy life. And that’s why it works!

I’m so excited to help you EAT, MOVE, AND LOVE to defy aging and reclaim your health for a life you love!

In Love, Health, and Happiness,