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Hey, it’s Erin again, and I want to make sure you get the absolute best results possible while eliminating the possibility of your bad genes ever turning on again forever, after all…

Once you turn of off your inflammation molecules – I want to make sure your hidden inflammation never returns, because if left unchecked – it can come back faster than ever causing your “bad genes to turn back on” to age you faster and pile on belly fat.

This is why I put together a “Done-for-You” Customizable Meal Plan and 5 Recipe Books for you that removes all the guesswork.

This meal plan is completely different than ANYTHING you’ve seen before because you’re actually given options of what to eat at each meal from the 5 cookbooks below – which makes it completely customizable.

This customized plan prevents any confusion to guarantee you get the youngest, healthiest, flattest belly ever while removing ALL risks of hidden inflammation forever.

Even better, you can now enjoy desserts on this customizable plan with the ‘never-before-seen’ Youth Method Dessert Recipes!

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The Youth Method Customizable Meal Plan

($47 Value)

  • My Customizable Meal Plan takes all the progress you’ve enjoyed and continues you on a sustainable meal plan you can customize forever
  • You’ll know the wrong foods to avoid to prevent you from turning on your bad genes and  “Inflammation Molecules” that age you faster and would send harmful signals to your body and brain to STOP burning fat immediately.
  • Which is why I put together the BEST YOUTH METHOD recipes that taste absolutely amazing so you don’t go through an entire day piling up fat or adding wrinkles.
  • You’ll continue to peel away years from your skin and belly fat because these new recipes continue to “TURN ON your Good Genes” Forever.
  • Using the quick and simple meal plan will have you down another 5-7 pounds in the next 14 days without EVER starving or feeling deprived – and you can even enjoy all of the desserts from the dessert cookbook.
  • With each meal you’ll stay healthy, younger, more energetic and maintain a flat belly forever.

The Youth Method Breakfast Cookbook

($37 Value)

Eating the WRONG foods in the morning can cause disaster for your body the rest of the day because the wrong foods will turn on your inflammation molecules to pile on belly fat and age you faster.

Not only that – they can make you crave the wrong foods for the rest of the day.

So I put together my BEST fat-burning and anti -aging recipes that taste absolutely amazing.

And these recipes will delicious recipes will help you burn fat, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and fuel your body all day long.

The Youth Method Lunch Cookbook

($37 Value)

  • By enjoying these belly fat burning and wrinkle erasing lunch recipes you’ll immediately avoid the mid-day slumps and cravings that derail all of your progress.
  • No more felling hungry at 3pm and falling asleep at your desk – no more afternoon binges or unhealthy snacks.
  • You’ll be satisfied, full of energy and ready to take on your afternoon.
  • Enjoy dishes like creamy roasted vegetable soup, tuna salad, and chicken chowder all while you feel amazing energy, fight the afternoon slumps and burn belly fat all afternoon.

The Youth Method Dinner Cookbook

($37 Value)

These mouth-watering recipes actually leave you with a flatter bellyhelp you reduce belly fat while never feeling hungry.

Now you’ll enjoy every last bite with these easy and amazing dinner recipes that you can make in minutes to reduce belly fat and the appearance of wrinkles!

You’ll enjoy Presto Chicken, French Pork Chops, and Bacon Wrapped Shrimp all while you absorb super youth method nutrients and ingredients to burn belly fat and erase your wrinkles.

The Youth Method Desserts Cookbook

($37 Value)

  • These desserts are packed with youth method ingredients that burn stored belly fat and fight aging.
  • Your cravings will be gone forever as you indulge in these tasty treats without piling on belly fat or causing inflammation to age you faster like traditional desserts do.
  • You can enjoy brownies, cupcakes, and even ice cream while the weight continues to fall every week with these amazing youth method 100% guilt-free recipes.

Plus When You Take Action On This New Customer Discount Today… You’ll Get These 2 “Done-for-You” Bonuses Absolutely FREE

The Youth Method Snacks and Sides Cookbook

($37 Value)

  • Imagine satisfying even your worst cravings instantly to eliminate the #1 reason you’ve struggled to lose weight in the past.
  • I put together my favorite anti-aging fat burning super foods that you can eat at specific times to peel years off your age and extra weight off your belly and without ever feeling hungry again.
  • Enjoy delicious snacks like chocolate energy bites, rosemary almonds, and pizza bites that all fuel your body and help to end cravings and tighten your skin and belly up to 3x faster.

Top 7 Food Hacks to Reduce Belly Fat and the Appearance of Wrinkles

($27 Value)

  • Did you know you can burn fat even faster with some simple “hacks”? That’s right. You can use “these youth method food hacks” to your advantage and banish even MORE fat and wrinkles every week when you use these simple tricks…
  • You’ll discover the 7 secret Youth Method food hacks that speed up your flat belly and wrinkle smoothing results no matter how old you are or what your physical condition is.
  • Just add in these 7 food hacks every week for effortless belly and skin tightening – so easy!

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