Your Digital Marketing Business with Master Resell Rights

100% PROFIT,

EVERYTHING you need to escape the rat race and start a thriving digital marketing business in your free time, WITHOUT EXPERIENCE! 

Pay one up-front price and NO UPSELLS, ever.



The product is an extensive digital marketing course and DONE FOR YOU digital product! You can purchase the course for your own learning, and will get access to over 100 in-depth modules that will walk you through starting and growing your own digital marketing business. You will learn how to set up a website, brand yourself, market various social media channels, set up sale funnels, SEO, email campaigns, and more - all step by step with a beginner in mind. The course is at your own pace and includes a community where you can ask questions and get support.

The unique part about this: once you purchase the course, it is YOURS - you own it and can resell it to others for 100% profit as if you created it yourself (but without all of the time and expertise that would take)!

You will get immediate access to the online course (with 80+ modules - detailed below), a free community of like minded business owners from all experience levels ready to help, and access to me if you have any questions.

You also get Master Resell Rights to immediately resell the course as your own for 100% profit.
With your purchase of the course, you get Master Resell Rights - meaning not only will you be able to benefit from the course, but you will own it and be able to sell it for 100% profit.

Anytime someone purchases the course from you, you get the money sent directly to you - no third party.
Nope! You pay for the course once, and that's it. Any updates or additions to the course are yours free, the lifetime community access is included, and there are no monthly fees or upsells of any kind at any time. It's your course to be branded as you like and sold forever! Or just kept and enjoyed for yourself.
Not at all! You can simply enjoy the course for yourself and learn how to build your online business from scratch, grow your current business, get up to date on current marketing strategies, and/or learn new skills that you can offer to others. All step-by-step, at your own pace learning with beginners in mind but advanced enough that anyone will take away new skills.

You will always have the option to resell the course for 100% profit if you wish!

Hi! I’m Erin Nielsen – a wife, bonus Mom, Gigi, and online creator for almost 10 years over at “”. I live in South Carolina and have been so grateful for the opportunity to work from home doing what I love so I can have more freedom to spend time with family and travel.

Over the past ten years, I have only become more passionate about the option to work from home and make a six-figure income for my family while keeping my workload small and building trust with my loyal community. It can be tricky sometimes, but the result has been truly life changing and given me the time and financial freedom I have always wanted.

I have had an idea on my heart for years about creating my own online course to help others find that freedom.  Between my busy 8 week coaching program, online products, and creating content for my own platforms,… it’s been hard to make time to create an entire online course from scratch!

When I heard about the Online Income and Master Resell Rights course I knew it was what I had been praying for to fulfill that tug that had been on my heart. 

Now I have the answer for when people ask me how I become successful online.  I get to offer a solution and also earn 100% profit from each sale, without having to take the time to create my own course for you. Absolutely priceless.

This Master Resell Rights is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The concept is revolutionary, the timing is impeccable, and the course is so powerful. What makes me excited is that this WILL HELP A LOT OF PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR FINANCIAL DREAMS!!  

So if you are looking for a way to enter this space, make money you didn’t know was possible, & be taught as a beginner, this course is for you!! I can not WAIT to see this course do it’s magic for you!

Cheering for you!
xo, Erin

What will I learn from the
Online Income course?

You'll be introduced to the course and community, available resources, apps to download and branding options for marketing and selling the course so you can get started right away.

5 Course Modules

Comprehensive training on how to set up your website, logo, branding yourself or your business and step by step instructions on how to build a professional sales funnel to market your offer(s) and convert leads to customers.

38 Course Modules

Learn how to use business tools to create effective work flows and sell your offers with ease.

7 Course Modules
Learn how to engage your audience & automate sales through email marketing. Detailed instructions on how to design personally branded email campaigns that convert viewers to customers and measure performance through analytics.

13 Course Modules
Master the skills and techniques associated with effective branding and learn how to set yourself apart from the competition by creating an easy to follow marketing plan.

12 Course Modules
Acquire the skills needed to market your brand across various social media platforms by discovering your niche and creating content that resonates with your ideal client or follower.

15 Course Modules
Learn how to create blog content that is effective and performs well in the search engine. This will drive traffic to your page!

4 Course Modules
Learn how to leverage different social media platforms to market your business! You will learn how to create engaging content for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. You will learn how to build a following, increase engagement, and drive traffic to your page.

19 Course Modules
Additional trainings are added as they are created, and currently include modules added for Instagram and affiliate marketing.

You'll also get success mindset training (3 modules), business tools training (8 modules), and Master Resell Rights details (5 modules).
You will have lifetime access to a free community where students can connect with each other and with instructors. You can ask questions, celebrate wins, and brainstorm ideas, all with like-minded creators and business owners!

I'm ready to make 100% profit!

What Customers Are Saying About the Master Resell Rights Course

“Just started my course last night and I haven’t been able to stop as I am so excited to move on to the next module and learn more. As one with ADHD, I found this course rather easy to sit through because I was able to interactively follow along with the information provided.”

- Amirah

“Master Resell Rights changed my life in so many ways!! If you are thinking about purchasing the Roadmap course to riches, do not hesitate! Cannot express into words how much knowledge and value there is within this course, and don’t even get me started on how amazing the community”

- Abby

“I am a first time mom to a 4 month old and I have a legal background- I’m very analytical and not techy. So, when I joined this course, I was so worried I made a mistake because of all the marketing tech involved (I had no clue what a funnel even was). But wow, I was so wrong! The step by step videos were exactly what I needed!”

- Amirah

“I’m a 40 year old mom who recently got laid off and is diving head first into building my business so I don’t have to go back to that 9-5 nonsense. I’ve been in digital marketing professionally for almost 20 years, but only started my own business back in August of 2022. I started with affiliate marketing and have branched off into the broader digital marketing space as well as digital products. I’m always on the hunt for courses that are beginner friendly and step-by-step to add to my arsenal, and this course checks all of the boxes.”

- Abi

“I have spent the last year (stared July 4th 2022) as an affiliate for two other courses with the goal of building a business that helps like-minded people start their own business, putting their dreams into reality. I was not successful; I spent more money in systems to run my business then what I was making. Over the past year I have felt lost, lonely, questioned my goals and my mindset but refused to give up. 8 weeks ago I joined the ONLINE COURSE. I finally found my place, and something I wholeheartedly and confidently believe in. I am so unbelievably happy. I truly believe that success is not just in the education. The education in the course is unmatched (I have taken several courses), however the community is what I truly believe has brought me success. I have met some of the most uplifting, encouraging, and supportive woman. When you are surrounded by, engaging with, growing and collaborating with those type of people, your mindset changes and so does the content you put out. I have been able to make my investment back from purchasing the course and Master Reselll Rights, AND the investments from other courses I’ve taken prior. I have been able to grow a business and a brand for myself, I created digital products to go along with my niche and even started offering Business Strategy Calls. Now I have multiple income streams coming in and I have made friends I never knew I needed, that I know will last a lifetime!”

- Michellyn

“Single mum here! With Master Resell Rights, I have been able to set up systems to create multiple income streams and help others to do the same. I made my first sale within 24 hours of launching and another the following week. Stunning community to be a part of and I wish I found this earlier!”

- Hana-lee

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