We all wear so many hats!

We all wear a lot of hats. My favorite hats are wife, mother, now a grandmother (GiGi 😍), daughter, sister, friend, and mentor. It’s these relationships that mean the most to me and drive my life and purpose to help people live healthier lives. We've all seen too many people we love be harmed by disease and I want to help lessen that for myself and for as many people‘s lives that I can touch.

Along with teaching fitness and nutrition I‘m feeling even more called to further the mission of safer skincare (and other products through education and product solutions) BECAUSE, in my heart, my efforts are motivated by true and genuine relationships. The safer skincare mission matters to me because YOUR, my own, and our families health & wellness MATTERS to me. If it’s in our power to reduce toxic load by choosing safer products, WHY NOT do it? If we can eliminate products that may contribute to issues such as infertility, autoimmunity, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc., why not try?
I love the opportunity I have to coach smart purpose-driven women to build a significant business that allows them to get out of a job they don’t want or spend more time with their families. It is such an honor to help them.💕
While buying safer is a great way to play a small part, the collective work myself and my team have accomplished makes it feel like we can actually move this mission forward. We CAN get safer (across all brands) into the hands of everyone.
Beautycounter is in the LEAD in this mission.
So if you want to be a part of a company that has huge heart, vision, and a mission to make the world healthier and safer please email me at erin@theyouthmethod.com. .
XO - Erin

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