My favorite things!

Here is a list of my Favorite Things!

I get asked about my favorite products all the time so I finally put a list together of the ones I get asked about the most!
Let me know if you have questions or want other product recommendations!
Collagen Powder
For Gut Health, Beautiful skin, hair, nails, and anti-aging -
Dark Chocolate
72% and higher cacao content for maximum antioxidants and less sugar -

Protein Powder -
Salad Dressing
Primal Kitchen - Made without unhealthy canola or soybean oil -
Dairy-Free Coffee Creamer
All-Natural Sweeteners
french vanilla one here:
Safe Non-Stick Cookware:
Clean Skincare and Makeup -
Free of hormone disruptors, triple-tested, and the only brand I have found that is clean but still performs beautifully.
Non-Toxic Deodorant -
Primally Pure -
Use code YouthMethod10 for 10% off your 1st order.
Clean Dry Shampoo - 
Primally Pure -
Use code YouthMethod10 for 10% off your 1st order.
Non-Toxic Perfume -
Tunisian jasmine -
Non-Toxic Cleaning
a. doterra Essential Oils - Lemon oil works wonders when mixed with water and vinegar! I also love tea Tree oil! -
b. Branch Basics - - get $10 off with that link 🙂
c. Puracy - All-purpose Cleaner -
d. Mrs.Meyers - All-purpose Cleaner -
Non-Toxic Laundry
a. Puracy Laundry Detergent -
b. Puracy Stain Remover -
c. Heart Felt Wool Dryer balls -
Products for improved sleep
a. Swannies Blue Blockers -
b. doterra oils - I love Serenity for day time anxiety and lavender and cedarwood on the soles of my feet at night for restful sleep! -


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