Healthy Mocha Java – Superfood Coffee!

Superfood Coffee!

I love coffee and this recipe is perfect for boosting your metabolism and has amazing antioxidants to help fight aging and healthy fats to keep you satisfied and not jittery. It works great in tea too. Here's to a healthy morning java!
Such a delicious way to rev up your metabolism to help your body burn even more fat!

There are many foods I recommend to use as organic but there are many you can get away with not using organic.  Coffee is one of the foods I highly recommend buying organic otherwise the non organic kind has more toxins than most other foods and willl cause trapped fat on your body.  

For a list of food that are best to get organic - Click here -

Otherwise if you can't buy everything organic as long as it's not on that list you should still do amazing! 

Here's my superfood coffee recipe!

Healthy Mocha Java

1 cup brewed coffee (organic) - I love Life Boost coffee

1 tsp organic coconut oil

1 tsp organic unsalted grass fed butter (I like Kerry Gold)

1/4 tsp raw cacao

1 tsp grass fed collagen

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp cinnamon

Put all in blender and blend well - you can also use immersion blender or stir by hand.  I love using the blender so it feels like a real coffeehouse drink - frothy goodness. 🙂

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