I love freshening up my home with beautiful scents but don’t want to use the synthetic fragrance sprays I've used in the past due to questionable ingredients. 
Did you know that synthetic fragrance has been linked to Endocrine (Hormonal) disruption?
And when you have hormonal imbalance it leads to trapped fat, poor energy, and accelerated aging. I didn't know that about synthetic fragrances until about a year ago!  Which is why I am developing new ways to use essential oils for all natural fragrances and cleaning supplies in my everyday life.
So...I just made a homemade room spray with a primary scent of geranium and it smells amazing!
It’s all natural and helps you experience the health benefits of essential oils at the same time without messing with your hormones! 

Here’s the recipe!
3/4 cup water in 8 oz cobalt blue spray bottle
10 drops geranium oil
4 drops grapefruit oil
3 drops lavender oil 
Shake well, spray and enjoy!

If you don't already have the essential oils I talked about above... here is how to order:

1) If you already have a doTerra account at you can place your order at and definitely do it through your LRP order so you get points. 🙂
2) If you don't have a doTerra wholesale account yet, click here: to fill out the order form.
On the order form - you can choose to buy the oils at full retail prices or you have the choice and I highly recommend to add a $35 Wholesale Membership for 25% off oils for a year! There is also an option to add a starter kit to save a ton of money too if you prefer!
Let me know what you think once you try this!
If you have any questions, be sure to let me know. 
I know you will love it!
Renewing Reflection:

Perspective is everything...

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