Flat Abs 10 Minute Workout Video :-)

I have a fun free workout and post workout recipe for you today.:-)
This is a great high intensity challenge that really works your Abs and butt.  I love the Grasshopper exercise - very fun and you can see how to do it in the video.
Another tough one - but you'll love results!
Flat Abs 10 Minute Workout
Perform 2 times through without Rest and as many reps as possible without sacrificing your form and safety.  It's easiest to keep track of time with a Gym Boss timer - it's a free app you can use on your phone or tablet.
1) Jumping Jacks - 60 sec
2) Rocking Plank - 60 sec
3) Forward Alternating Lunge - 60 sec
4) Grasshopper - 60 Sec
5) Sumo Squat - 60 sec
Here's the video for more!
One last thing:
Be sure to enjoy a Detox water drink before this workout and then try this smoothie recipe after your workout for even more fat burning results. 🙂

Tropical Smoothie 

1 Cup Grapefruit Juice
1/2 C. Water
1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
1/4 Cup Pineapple


Put all in blender with 
Ice and Blend until smooth. 


Renewing Reflection:
Don"t forget to enjoy the little things today!
Products I love
My 2 favorite Protein Powders:
1. I really love Primal Fuel - both flavors are delicious!
BioTrust Mocha cafe is my favorite flavor

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