2 Easy Ways to STOP Age Related Muscle Loss

Have you heard of the word Sarcopenia?

Webster's Dictionary defines it as: the reduction in skeletal muscle mass due to aging - or in simpler terms - age related muscle loss.

Around the age of 30, your muscle loss can begin and this lost muscle is eventually replaced by fat.  This can occur at about 1 pound per year and it accelerates as you get older.


Cherry Greens Smoothie

What do you usually have in the morning to start up your day?

Your choice of breakfast makes a HUGE impact to the productivity of your day, your overall health, and even the amount of calories you burn throughout the day...

So in order to make the most out of your day, try out this delicious smoothie to not only burn a ton of calories throughout the day... but also give you more energy!

Raspberry Mint Detox Drink

The best way to remove harmful toxins, reduce belly bloat, lose fat and reveal a flatter belly and smooth skin is by drinking a detox water first thing in the morning.

I enjoy my Detox water before my workout and then post workout enjoy a smoothie or my #1 breakfast - an egg and veggie scramble sautéed with coconut oil. 🙂

Here is one of my favorite Detox water recipes - so refreshing!


A Valentine Treat For You :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!


I wanted to send you one of my all time favorite Valentine treats - so delicious and easy to make too.

It's a great Valentine gift for a friend, significant other, coworkers, kids or to enjoy yourself! Both kids and adults love them. 🙂

They are free of refined sugar so they won't cause inflammation or accelerated aging that occur if you eat chocolate treats made with refined sugars.  Love that!!