4 Minute Fat Burning Workout :)

Today I have a brand new 4 minute video for you that you’re going to LOVE…

Tight on time? No problem!

You can do these quick moves in your home or on the road even if you only have 4 minutes to spare.

So - no matter how busy you are - this workout can fit in easily into your day.:-)

Just set your Gymboss to the Tabata timer and for more tips on techniques of the exercises check out the video here.

You'll perform each exercise for 20 sec with 10 sec rest between each exercise and will perform the circuit 2 rounds.

4 Minute Fat Burning Workout

1) Commandos

2) Prisoner Squat

3) Plank Walk Out

4) Jumping Jacks


In Love, Health and Happiness,
Erin Nielsen

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