3 Daily Habits that Can Change Your Life

I had an AHA moment a few years ago that has helped me maintain my health and energy, and also stopped the struggle to maintain weight loss. That AHA moment was finally realizing how powerful daily habits can be.  

Many times, most of us have bursts of fitness motivation, when we eat clean and workout hard for a short time…but then the motivation wears off and we go back to our old daily habits. That familiar routine that gives us comfort and security.

The key is to keep a handful of healthy, but sustainable daily habits. Extreme fitness or extreme diets are not sustainable and is the reason we often go back to our old habits.  When you start healthy but sustainable and realistic daily habits -  these healthy habits become your comfortable routine, and then you’ve hit health and wellness gold.

This is great news for two reasons:

First, when you do something habitually it no longer requires a lot of brain power or motivation to get it done. It pretty much happens automatically. So once you’ve settled into your daily habits you’ll easily maintain them.
Second, once your daily habits have been around long enough to transform your body, you get to give up the struggle of trying to lose weight. That quest, which has taken up so much of your time and mental energy, will be put to rest, leaving you time to go out and enjoy your life.


The most powerful habits are the habits that can actually change and optimize our genes for better health and we can do this though the powers of epigenetics.

Epigentics is just a fancy word for the science that demonstrates that how you eat, how you move, even your thoughts are very important in how your body gives information to genes and can reprogram them for better or worse.

Of course you can’t remove the genes you have inherited, however you can reprogram your genes and how they express themselves for your most vibrant health.

How? Through these 3 daily habits that can change you at the very level of your DNA through improving your environment to optimize your gene expression.

You can do this through:

1. How You Eat

2. How you Move

3. How you Think

The truly amazing thing is that the food we eat contains fuel for our cells that affect and regulate hormones, brain chemistry, and almost every chemical reaction in our bodies by communicating to our genes.

It can turn good genes on and bad genes off to slow aging, lose weight, and prevent disease.

The same is true for how we move and think - exercise, gratitude, less stress and improved sleep can all help you reprogram your genes to lose weight, look younger, and live a healthy life!!

Pretty exciting stuff!  We have the power to change our body chemistry and therefore our lives. 🙂

And so today take a few moments to determine which healthy daily habits you will begin to include in your daily life, and continue to prompt yourself to do these until it becomes automatic and comfortable.

While each and every one of you have unique situations and abilities, here is a general list of ideas of healthy daily habits to get you started…

How You Move - workout with me each day! Or try to get at least 10,000 steps daily

How You Eat - So excited about this one because I have had so many requests from the Toned in Ten Family to do a full nutrition program.  And I'm so excited to announce it that I took those requests to heart and designed a full program coming out in just a few weeks!

More news to come on this. 🙂

How You Think - I have talked a lot about this before but a great place to start is with the daily 10, 5, 3, 1.

Here's my YouTube video explaining it if you're not familiar.

Make sure you new daily habits are realistic actions that you can fit into your daily life, and watch as your body effortlessly transforms over the next several weeks.

Try to resist the urge to commit to difficult or extreme daily habits. These habits are meant for the long run.

Email me or post a question on my Facebook page if you need help with your personalized list of daily habits. 🙂

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