Discover How Women At ANY Age Are Turning ON Their “Youth Method Switch” To Visibly SEE Younger Skin And A Tight Flat Belly In Just 14 Days WITHOUT Starvation Dieting

The Secret Lies In Your DNA…

45 y/o Erin Nielsen – Health Coach, Physical Therapist,
and Author of The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox.

Genetically “Reset” Your Body With This Barely-Known “Youth Method Switch” to banish unhealthy belly fat and stop aging in its tracks…

From the Desk of Erin Nielsen, CHC, PT, CPI

45 y/o Physical Therapist, Certified Health Coach, Fat Loss and Anti-Aging Specialist

Do you still believe the myth that wrinkled skin, belly fat, joint pain, and low energy are an inevitable part of aging?

Or that it’s too late to change the look of your skin and body without costly medical procedures?

Or maybe that you’re too old to ever have the energy you had when you were younger?

If you are answering yes, you’re not alone. I’m in my 40’s and I used to believe that too.

Hi – I’m Erin Nielsen, Certified Health Coach, Physical Therapist, Author And Founder Of The Most Effective Method To Look 15 Pounds Leaner, Erase Wrinkles, and Reclaim Your Energy in Just 14 Short Days.

If you’ve ever struggled to lose even just a few pounds or bought countless creams to try to look younger…

But NOTHING ever works – you’re probably suffering from a hidden chemical build-up inside your body that has been going on for YEARS without you knowing or feeling it…

And it gets worse once you reach 40:

This causes a flood of “Inflammatory Particles” to activate stress signals that pack on belly fat and rapidly accelerate aging and wrinkles.

You’ve may have heard the term inflammation many times. But what does it really mean?

Think of inflammation as a fire inside each and every cell of your body. 

When your body is full of inflammation it ages and harms your body from the inside-out.

That’s why medical experts everywhere agree: inflammation is the cornerstone of virtually every disease known to us.

Belly Fat, Wrinkles, Low Energy, Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and hundreds of other conditions are accelerated when these inflammatory molecules are released.

The result? Your metabolism shuts down, your skin cells age faster, and you pile on belly fat.


The Problem Is That Most Nutrition Programs Make You Count Calories, Carbs, Or Fat That Increase Inflammation In Your Body Which Traps Belly Fat And Adds Years To Your Face

Did you know that when you eat the wrong way you dramatically increase the amount of inflammation in your body?

Have you noticed: the more you diet – the worse you feel, the older you look, and the more you pile on belly fat?

Please don’t fall for the myths that 87 % of people believe – that wrinkled skin, belly fat, painful joints, and poor health are an inevitable part of aging.

The reasons you have failed before are because will power and counting calories don’t help – you can’t sustain those stringent rules for the long term – it’s too difficult and sends stress signals to your body to increase even more inflammation.

The Truth Is What You’ve Been Told About Looking Younger And Losing Belly Fat Is Entirely Wrong And Has Been Increasing Inflammation In Your Body Year After Year Without You Even Knowing It

I was stunned by the article in the New York Times – “How the sugar industry shifted blame to fat,” where SUGAR promoters paid researchers in the 1960s to downplay the dangers of sugar.

As a result, the paper played a key role in vilifying fat and glamorizing sugar creating the epidemic of hidden inflammation, obesity and even diabetes we’re facing today.

So after decades of this diet, we have more fat around our belly, feel and look older and are more sick than we’ve ever been.

The Good News!

You’re about to discover a brand new Unique Method to STOP INFLAMMATION – helping women like you FINALLY see the younger looking skin and tight flat belly you want in a way that is all natural and FASTER than you thought possible.

The SECRET CURE To Putting A Stop To These Inflammatory Particles Is A Remarkable New Discovery That Several Key “Good Genes” Can Be Re-activated Down To The Very Level Of Your DNA.

More Inflammation>Turns ON Bad Genes >Belly Fat >Faster Aging

Less Inflammation>Turns ON Good Genes>Flat Belly >Slower Aging

You can switch ON your Good Genes to restore a more youthful body … thanks to a simple yet unique method I’m going to share with you today…

When it comes to the genes you’re born with, you CAN alter which ones control your health if you understand how to work with them.

And believe me – This Method helps ANYONE see a tight belly and smoother skin at ANY age – EVEN IF:

  • You’ve damaged your metabolism by eating the wrong foods or starvation diets in the past and you’re afraid that nothing will work for you anymore
  • You’re a working woman with a family like me and have no time to make complicated meals
  • You have hormonal imbalances and you feel like your body is working against you
  • You feel you are too overweight to ever get results
  • OR even if you’ve failed before

You’re About To Discover A Secret Method That Works Deep Within Your DNA To Turn Your “Good Genes On” And Your “Bad Genes Off” Helping Women Just Like You FINALLY See The Younger Skin and Flat Belly You Want

My passion is to empower you to enhance and restore your youthful beauty.

You just need to know how to activate your “Youth Method Switch” to turn ON Your good genes.

You CAN genetically reset your body and how it gives information to your genes to reprogram them for better or worse, weight loss or weight gain, youthful skin or wrinkles.



Most Nutrition Programs FAIL Because They Don’t Focus On Activating Or Reprogramming Your Genes To Lose Belly Fat And Wrinkles.

Once you discover the Youth Method Switch that turns on your very own “Good Genes” you will finally have the answer to get rid of…

  • Wrinkled skin
  • Dull skin
  • Saggy skin
  • Poor energy
  • Unwanted belly fat
  • Painful Joints

You need a new way of thinking about Aging that is based on the Latest Research and Works at the Cellular level.

An approach that “cleans” your body’s natural fat-burning and wrinkle erasing systems to remove dangerous toxins.

First, You Must AVOID These 3 Foods That Are Aging You Faster And Causing Your Wrinkled Skin, Frustrating Belly Fat, and Energy Slumps

Sugar Ages You Faster and Packs on Belly Fat

The first thing you need to understand is that it is not your fault. Your brain is programmed to crave sugar.


You’ve been eating sugar for most of your life.

Sugar addiction is not only physical, but also deeply emotional.

Think about it – from the time we are born our biggest life events are centered around food and mostly high sugar choices.

Your first birthday cake The one that ended up all over your face! 🙂

Smores around Campfires

Halloween Candy

Apple pie at Thanksgiving

Christmas or Holiday cookies

Ice cream on a hot summer day Can you say Ice Cream Truck Heaven?

Or mom gives you candy or ice cream to ease a painful experience.

So over time your brain associates Sweets with happiness, not to mention the physiological reason you feel happy when you eat sugar.

But you weren’t born this way.

Your brain starts to see sugar as a sweet reward to get that quick boost of energy—or even to satisfy a craving for happiness or more love.

Here is a shocking fact:

According to brain scans,
Sugar is as addictive as cocaine.

So why is sugar so bad for you, especially when it is as addicting as cocaine?

It’s about what sugar does internally to the cells of your body, it turns your bad genes on – causing disease and accelerated aging of your skin, joints and organs.

This is serious stuff here.

Here are just a few of the reasons that sugar is aging you faster…

  • Excess blood sugar in your body causes Glycation inside your cells, it literally damages each cell which accelerates the rate of aging of your organs, skin, arteries, and joints. Sugar also raises your triglycerides to dangerous levels, which can lead to heart disease.
  • Excess sugar can also Type 2 Diabetes over time because it disrupts your insulin sensitivity.
  • Sugar also affects immune health because it has been shown to slow down your white blood cells, making infection more likely, and even allowing CANCER cells a better chance to form in your body.
  • Sugar shortens your telomeres. Telomeres are an essential part of human cells that affect how our cells age and shortening them ages us faster.

Just Remember Small amounts of Natural sugar are not a problem.

The REAL damage occurs when you eat a huge bowl of ice cream or plate of cookies and ingest 40-50 grams of sugar in one sitting, or soda with 40 grams or more of sugar.

Or even that so-called “nutrition bar, healthy water or yogurt that contain hidden sugars behind the healthy trumped up advertising. So our addiction to sugar is keeping us unhealthy, overweight, tired, and ages us faster.

Wheat Ages You Faster and Packs on Belly Fat

Whole Grain = Healthy – right?

Wheat causes blood sugar spikes and inflammation of your cells, which “turns on your Bad Genes” and accelerates AGING, traps fat on your belly & increases Heart Disease and Diabetes risk.

Many Wheat breads have High Fructose Corn Syrup added to it.

Wheat can actually speed up the aging process in your body because Whole Wheat contains Amylopectin-A, which has been found in some tests to spike your blood sugar HIGHER than sugar.

Sugar and wheat both cause “glycation” and substances called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs).

AGEs speed up the aging process in your body including damage over time to your organs, your joints, and of course, your skin which leads to wrinkled loose, and saggy skin.

This means that wheat-based foods such as breads, bagels, cereals, muffins, and other baked goods often cause MUCH higher blood sugar levels than most other carbohydrate sources.

Many people often ask me… “But how do I get my Fiber if I don’t eat Wheat Bread? I thought Whole Wheat was healthy?” Please believe me – you can get ALL of the fiber you need from veggies, fruits and nuts, without the sugar spike damage and anti-nutrient issues that are caused by wheat.

Processed Food Ages You Faster and Packs on Belly Fat

Even if you’ve been on a sugar-free diet, you’re still consuming addictive toxins and hidden sugars in packaged and processed foods.

In fact, new research shows that industrial food full of processed sugars, fats, salt, and chemicals are powerfully addictive.

Here are some examples of foods below that you might be eating and didn’t even realize they are making you age faster, trap fat on your body, and cause diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer…

Many of the foods in your kitchen you think are healthy because big media advertises them that way.

Foods like:

  • Soy Milk
  • Tofu or “Veggie Burgers” (non-fermented soy can be harmful to your hormones)
  • Orange Juice (loaded with too much fructose that raises your triglycerides)
  • Apple Juice
  • Sugary Oatmeals
  • Sugary Yogurts
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Artificial Butter Spread
  • Meal Replacement Bars (some of the most popular brands have as much sugar as a candy bar!)

As a home Physical Therapist my sickest patients with heart disease, joint replacements and auto immune disease all have one thing in common when I go to their homes.

Their cupboards are full of packaged and processed foods, artificial Sweeteners, candy, cookies, bread, pasta, crackers and very little wholesome food.

These FOOD LIES Are THE Reason You’re Not Turning Your Good Genes On And The Reason You Don’t Have The Tight Flat Belly, Youthful Skin, And Lean Body You Want.

They turn off your Special “Youth Method Switch” and therefore turn OFF your good genes that results in belly fat, wrinkles, and energy slumps – they age you faster…

And that’s exactly why it’s not your fault those other programs NEVER gave you results:

  • Its NOT because you lack willpower
  • It’s NOT because you’re not working out long enough
  • And It’s DEFINITELY NOT because of your age
  • It’s simply because you’ve been given the wrong information… ALL Women Have

Instead, you need a NEW approach…

One that combines the latest research on Anti-Aging and Fat Loss down to the very level of your DNA with a New Method that is specifically designed to reset your body to “Switch ON your Good Genes” so you effortlessly burn belly fat, erase wrinkles, and reclaim your energy.

You NEED a New Method that “Turns Your GOOD GENES ON” and:

Quickly Delivers Visible Results You Can SEE And FEEL After Only 24 Short Hours

  • You’ll automatically AVOID failure because you’ve lost your motivation once again… With visible results in just 24 hours and every week, you can guarantee your motivation is on auto-pilot.
  • Picture how refreshing you’ll feel when you wake up this time next week and you’re already ENJOYING a tighter belly and younger looking skin.
  • This is PERFECT for women wanting to quickly look your best for that upcoming event this weekend..You now have have the exact formula for how-to banish belly fat FAST.

Releases Age Defying Hormones And Turns On Your Good Genes To Erase Your Wrinkles

  • With my Special Method you will activate a unique anti-aging effect inside your cells so that you erase wrinkles and AVOID looking much older than you really are
  • Picture how much more energized and youthful you’ll feel and how much more you’ll ENJOY everyday when your body is automatically fighting off aging 24/7.

Permanently Resets Your Metabolism So You Burn Up To 15 pounds Of Belly Fat In 14 Days

  • You’ll automatically AVOID rebound weight gain or frustrating plateaus helping you quickly and permanently experience flat belly and wrinkle erasing results for life.
  • Imagine waking the next morning – after your metabolism and newly reset hormones have been erasing inflammation, wrinkles and belly fat as you sleep and this will happen week after week.

So, What Is This New Youth Method Switch That’s Helping Women and Men “Turn ON Their Good Genes” To Visibly SEE Younger Skin And A Tight Flat Belly? I’d Like To Introduce You To…

Genetic Reset Eating

A NEW 14 Day Method For Men And Women Tired Of Wrinkles And Trapped Belly Fat After No Results From Previous Inflammation Causing Diets

  • Why is the Youth Method the easiest and fastest way to a tight firm belly and youthful skin?
  • It’s because it “turns ON your good genes” and “turns OFF your inflammatory particles” to maximize anti-aging results so you look and feel younger, banish belly fat, and feel more energy in just 14 days
  • It’s the FASTEST and ONLY way to supercharge your hormones so that you can finally see the flat belly, youthful skin, and renewed energy you desire.
  • You will NEVER have to count a single calorie
  • You will NEVER have to starve yourself
  • It works for anyone at any age no matter how old you are or how much weight you have to lose

The 3 Phase Metabolism And Genetic Reset Progression

The REAL “Magic” Happens AFTER Your 3rd Day!

This Proven Method Helps ANYONE Visibly SEE Younger Skin and A Tight Flat Belly – At ANY Age.

The reason my trademarked Method is so beautifully effective at banishing your belly fat and wrinkles is that it uses very specific and unique “Youth Method Foods” that genetically reset your body to burn belly fat and smooth wrinkles.

When you follow my plan, something extraordinary happens:

The First Day…

First, you’ll Switch OFF your inflammatory particles which will FORCE Your Body To INSTANTLY Start Melting Belly Fat and your Wrinkles In Less Than 24 Hours.

The Second Day…

You’ll TURN ON your Good Genes and this is where you’ll really SEE Your Belly and Skin Tighten More Week After Week.

The Third Day…

You’ll Completely RESET your Metabolism to become a fat burner instead of a sugar burner to IMMEDIATELY Force Your Body To Banish Belly Fat and Your Wrinkles that will only increase over the rest of the 14 days.

The problem with today’s most popular nutrition programs is they only focus on calories in and calories out.

Yet, what I discovered after working with 1,000’s of women just like you is that NONE of them focus on the most important thing – How to genetically reset your body for fat loss and this allows for the added bonus of Smoothing Wrinkles too!

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You are constantly on the go so you reach for packaged food that is quick and easy.
  • You Can’t say “No” when offered dessert. (even if you are on a strict diet)
  • You feel exhausted instead of energized after eating a meal.
  • You frequently can’t stop thinking about sweets and feel like chocolate or sugary snacks are calling your name from the kitchen.
  • You wake up in the morning afraid to look in the mirror for fear of seeing a new wrinkle or red blotchy skin.
  • You binge on sweets, bread, or pasta when you are stressed, sad, or angry.
  • You can’t seem to lose weight.
  • You wake up each day feeling tired.
  • You have a mid-day slump around 2 or 3pm.
  • You feel like your best beauty days are behind you.
  • You are afraid your spouse finds you unattractive and old.

Believe me, I understand what you’re going through.

THAT WAS ME. I’m a recovered sugar, bread, and “packaged-food” junkie. I was addicted to bagels, cereal, artificial sweeteners, pasta, and thought low fat was good for me – Not. Even. Kidding.

As a young girl and teenager- I was pretty healthy! However, as I got older – especially in my late 30’s, something started to change in my body…

I felt tired all the time, had skin issues and gained weight unexpectedly and I knew that something just wasn’t right. The scariest part was no one seemed to have an answer for me.

I went to my primary doctor, dermatologist, and a few other specialists but no one could figure out what was going on. The more I searched for an answer, the more I was left disappointed.

As a few months turned into 6, then into 8 and my body felt worse than ever – I was so frustrated and sad. I was newly diagnosed with rosacea, and had persistent fatigue, new joint pain, and I was unable to lose the weight I had gained!

If you’ve ever been in this place in your life, where you avoided looking in the mirror and feel old, ugly and out of shape – then you should know you aren’t the only one…

I felt like time was slipping by, like my pretty skin days were already behind me. When I actually did look in the mirror there was always a new red bump on my face, a new wrinkle, and an overall unhealthy look.

My skin had lost it’s glow, it’s light. People would constantly ask me if I was tired or sick and at the same time many of my physical Therapy patients were struggling with similar issues.

I knew there had to be a better way. And since I wasn’t getting the answers I needed from my Dr’s – I decided I would have to figure this out on my own.

As a Physical Therapist – I love research so I researched and read hundreds of books and realized everything I had been taught about health, nutrition, and fitness was completely wrong.

I found amazing new scientific evidence to help heal my body and turn back the clock naturally – all by learning how to reduce toxic inflammation in my body to Turn ON My Good Genes” for amazing FLAT BELLY and ANTI-AGING results.

Once I discovered these secrets – I came up with a new lifestyle plan.

And once I started putting my findings into practice…

What Happen Next Was Nothing Short Of Life Changing Because People I Met Thought I Was 10 – 15 Years Younger Than My Actual Age!

The first thing I noticed was that I was sleeping better and woke up with energy.

Then I noticed the glow in my skin starting to return. The red blotchy bumps became less and less frequent. Instead of people asking if I was tired or sick, people started asking me what my secret was for such beautiful skin. Some even wondered if I had some sort of procedure like Botox or injections.

Last but not least – I started to lose weight and it was happening rapidly. I wasn’t counting calories, carbs or fat.

It was so wonderful not to obsess about all of that and I was never hungry.

For the first time in a long time I felt a sense of much needed hope. 🙂

I want to share with you the same life changing discovery… and here is the most important part.


The Solution To Your Aging Skin And Body Has Been Hiding Inside Your Own Cells All Along.

Natural Anti-Aging Secrets Really Do Exist…

So – please don’t believe the MYTH that you can’t change your body or your genetics.

We know you can’t get rid of your genetic code. However you can change how your genes express themselves by turning good genes on and bad genes off so you can melt away fat, wrinkles and poor health.

Who Is Erin Nielsen And Why Should You Listen To Me?

As a woman in her 40’s, I know the struggles of aging while trying to juggle family, work, and everything thing else life throws at you.

Over the past few years I made some surprising discoveries. 

After years of eating low carb processed foods and working out for hours on end I felt awful, look even worse, and honestly was very unhappy in my body.


So along with my learning and discoveries from working with thousands of patients as a Physical Therapist, Certified Health Coach, and my own nutrition trial and error –

I was able to find the truth and the keys to youthfulness, health, longevity, and weight loss.

My true passion is to share what I have learned and experienced with anyone that wants to love their life as you experience weight loss, improved health, and amazing energy NATURALLY.

I’m living proof of what The Youth Method Switch can do for you.

If I can do it, you can too!

The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox…

The ONLY Method For Men And Women That Genetically Resets Your Body To “Turn ON Your Good Genes” To Visibly SEE Younger Skin And A Tight Flat Belly In Only 14 Days WITHOUT Starvation Dieting

I’m so excited and happy to share this Flat Belly AND Younger Skin Blueprint to Drop up to 15 Pounds and Erase your Wrinkles – In Just 14 days.

The Youth Method is a 14 day rapid results system that uses Secret Youth Method Ingredients and antioxidants to smooth wrinkles and flatten your belly no matter your age or if you’ve failed before.

I’ve designed it uniquely so that ANYONE at ANY Age especially those over the age of 4o – can use it.

Thanks to my special 3 Phase Metabolic and Genetic Reset Progression the Real MAGIC happens after The Third Day…

You’ll Completely RESET your Genes and Metabolism to become a fat burner instead of a sugar burner to IMMEDIATELY Force Your Body To Banish Belly Fat and Your Wrinkles that will only increase over the rest of the 14 days.

Inside this brand New Youth Method is

The Genetic “Reset” Secret

To A Leaner, More Youthful, and Full Of Energy Body…

My 14 Day All Natural Diet Detox Wipes Away Years Of Toxins For ANYONE at ANY Age

All You Have To Do Is Follow My
Easy And PROVEN Detox Secrets

For Instance I will show you:

  • How to reverse the signs of aging with my favorite dessert (it fights inflammation and REVERSES skin damage with potent antioxidants)
  • A yummy trick to transform your daily cup of coffee to be anti-aging and naturally lower blood sugar.img19
  • How you can eat butter and other healthy fats like Olive Oil, Avocados, and Nuts, all while you FIGHT aging without gaining a bit of belly fat. Fat does not make you fat.
  • What most people are eating for breakfast that makes you look older, feel tired, and your body age faster.

You’ll also learn:

  • About powerful herbs, spices and ingredients that can help flush fat out of your body
  • Plus easy delicious and more satisfying choices that will help you look and feel younger!
  • Simple “add these food” tips that will help you slow the aging process at the cellular level…
  • Why a lot of the so called “Healthy food”s in the media are causing wrinkles, hormonal imbalances, and trapped belly fat.
  • How a special drink can increase your metabolism and melt your belly fat and wrinkles.

Just A Couple of the Many Endorsements:

In only 14 days:

Imagine erasing wrinkles and waking up and loving the person looking back at you in the mirror.

Imagine finally losing your stubborn belly fat.

Imagine looking at men and women with a confidence about the way you look like you’ve never experienced before.

Imagine looking younger… and shattering your own limiting beliefs about aging – as your skin becomes softer and more radiant.

Imagine what it would feel like to have a flat belly and look up to 10 or even 15 years younger.

Imagine enjoying youthful energy and feeling rested when you wake in the morning.

Imagine reduced risk of disease – some even no longer need medications they were on.

Imagine feeling better in your body while eating delicious healthy meals that are easy to prepare.

Foods like:


Here’s Your Exact 3 Step Youth Method System To Visibly SEE Younger Skin And A Tight Toned Belly In Only 14 Days

Component #1

The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox

A Flat Belly AND Youthful Skin Blueprint to Drop up to 15 Pounds and Erase your Wrinkles – In Just 2 Weeks.

You’re going to get my best meal plans, recipes and tips for preparing Youth Method meals that are tasty, fast, and easy to make… without the cravings.

These done for you meal plans and recipes replace high inflammatory foods with healing anti-inflammatory foods to fight aging and banish belly fat.

You’ll know exactly what foods to enjoy WITHOUT ever counting a single calorie whether you want to lose 5, 10 or even 15 pounds in your first 14 days

All while reducing harmful inflammation, reprogramming your metabolism to a faster rate, banishing belly fat, and erasing wrinkles no matter your age in just two weeks.

And there is no liquid cleanse here – you will enjoy real wholesome delicious food each and everyday. NO counting calories, carbs, and fat grams. NO crazy diet foods or starvation.

Just results you can feel and see as you switch your good genes on and turn back your clock NATURALLY.


Component #2

24 Hour Rapid Results – Skin and Belly Tightening Blueprint

My Secret 24 hour Rapid Results Skin and Belly Tightening Blueprint – will give you rapid results for a tighter belly and tighter skin in just 24 hours.

This builds the momentum you need to push your body into optimization mode to quickly flush out fat and toxins to tighten up your body even FASTER by aligning your natural fat burning and skin tightening systems together.

The key here is not just losing weight but tightening the skin around your weight loss areas so you don’t have saggy loose skin.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. This 24 hour blueprint can be done by ANYONE at ANY age to peel years off your skin and melt away belly fat to reveal a flatter belly and younger skin in just 24 hours.


Component #3

Transformation Journal

This is the key to your success. It includes:

  • My one of a kind 10, 5, 3, 1 system to keep you on track, stress free, and happy so stress doesn’t derail your success.

When you use my Transformation Journal, you will know and see without a doubt…

  • How fast your belly is flattening, and those “areas of trapped fat” are disappearing from your body!
  • How your good genes are peeling years off your appearance by banishing your belly fat and wrinkles!
  • How to Stay motivated as you watch your progress day after day!
  • You’ll Love staying on track…almost like I was right in your living room, motivating and coaching you to your best.

When you do this – your transformation will last a lifetime!

You Can’t Find These Youth Method Secrets ANYWHERE Else In The World

No other program is designed to genetically reset your metabolism and turn ON your good genes to rev up your youth hormones and metabolism for younger looking skin and a tight flat belly.

You’ll learn how to make and combine delicious, nutritious, and mouth-watering meals that turn on your “Good Genes” to not only satisfy your appetite (which STOPS dangerous cravings), but also Burn stomach fat and FIGHT aging. Its more than just the a detox – its delicious recipes, meals plans, and anti-aging ingredients.

And it was created by me, someone in her 40’s that has struggled like you and worked with 1000’s of women like you.

The truth is this is an easier and more effective way to look younger and lose belly fat that has nothing to do with tasteless diets and the calorie in calorie out rollercoaster.

Those diets don’t use my Youth Method Secrets to “turn on your good genes” for younger skin and tight flat belly while turning off your “inflammation molecules” forever.

The Youth Method Is Not For Everyone

I know that the Youth Method can help you but in all honesty, The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox is not for everyone.

If you want a “quick fix” like a quick liquid detox or starving yourself for a few days, then the Youth Method is not for you.

But if you want to reset your body down to the very level of your DNA for rapid and forever results you are in the right place.

Right Now You Can Use…

The Same Youth Method Secrets My VIP Clients Pay $500/Hour For At Only A Tiny Percent Of That Cost

You may believe that this never before seen before Method for youthful skin and flat belly would cost a fortune…

Not to mention these secrets have helped thousands of people achieve amazing results in record time and if you were to see me in New York, it would cost you $500/hour.

But for the first time ever, you can receive my proven youthful skin and tight belly system at a fraction of the cost of meeting with me one on one.

Even better, there is NO risk on you because:

You Can Use The Entire Youth Method System On Me Risk Free

You see, I can relate that it may be hard to believe that you can have younger looking skin and a tight flat belly after so many programs have failed you in the past.

But I know from personal experience just how powerful this system is because it is the only one to genetically reset your body and turn on your good genes.

That’s why I am ready to take all the risk on me.


The Youth Method Guarantee

You don’t have to decide now.

Enjoy our RISK-FREE Test-Drive For a Full 60 Days and if for any reason you’re not absolutely loving the quality of the Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox system – simply email me and I’ll refund your entire investment… no hassles or hard feelings.

I am 100% committed to your health and happiness!

You have a full 60 days to see the effects for yourself, and I’m confident you will LOVE the proof you see in mirror!

I know what it feels like to buy a nutrition program and to later feel unhappy with what I purchased. If you feel anything like that, I encourage you to ask for your money back. No Hassles at all.

Try It Now – Risk-Free!

There really is nothing like this available right now and none of the programs available address these hidden issues you may not even know you had…

The information in The Youth Method 14-Day Diet Detox would cost you $500 if we met one on one not to mention all of the future cosmetic procedures, Dr appointments, or supplements you would have to try to get the same results.

Instead, The Youth Method 14-Day Diet Detox a one-time purchase you will keep reaping benefits from year after year.

So in order to finally get the permanent Flat Belly and Wrinkle Erasing solution that’s extremely easy to use to get you the tight skin and flat belly you deserve at over 95 % off – all you have to do is click the “Buy Now” button below.

Claim Your Copy Of The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox Today To Get Immediate Access To The Entire Skin And Belly Tightening System

Now Only $19!

Why Is It Only $19?

My goal with this Detox is to have as many skin and health transformation stories as possible.

I also have a genuine passion to help change the way the world looks at food, exercise, and mindset – especially for our children.

I’ve been talking a lot about how we can turn on our good genes and turn off our bad genes for ourselves – but did you know we can pass personality traits down to our children?

Even our eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices can be passed down to our children. Yet… I’d love if we could rewrite history for your family’s sake. Because I have good news for your children too!

While you cannot undo your child’s genetics, you can influence their daily decisions…

And as I explained above – that has a significant impact on how genes express themselves for good or bad.

So even if you or your children were given some bad genes – you can suppress or turn those off and instead turn on good genes for their optimal health.

I want that for my kids, nieces, nephews, and family and for your children and family too!

I have noticed that once our customers turn on “Their Youth Method Switch” to turn off their bad genes and rev up their good genes, their children often take on healthier habits and notice amazing health improvements too.

Customers report that their kids feel more confident… pay attention more in school… excel at sports and hobbies..and are overall just more happy.

It’s quite remarkable. So give The Youth Method a try on me for the next 60 days without any chance of losing a single cent…

For your health, and the health of our kids.

Let’s create a better future now by creating a healthier you!

No Matter Your Age You Can Completely Eliminate Belly Fat And Wrinkle Causing Inflammation In Your Body With The Youth Method

You have three options:

  1. 1. Do nothing and your life stays the same.

You’ll go back to living your same life that’s left you searching for answers and feeling frustrated with your skin, belly fat, and energy. You’ll still be trying to hide under your baggy clothes and unable to look in the mirror.

And the truth is, if you do nothing…nothing will ever change.

  1. 2. Take everything you learned here today in this free article and try to apply it yourself.

And you can spend hundreds of hours online researching the exact secrets I talked about today…

However, if you plan on doing this all on your own, then the question is…

Why hasn’t that worked before?

Stress, life, and worries will get in the way like they always do…

Nothing will have changed…

  1. 3. Your life changes today!

Here’s one of my favorite quotes when I am having a hard time making a decision. “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”

Remember there is no risk to you here and if you don’t try – you will miss out on the opportunity to change your life.

Jump ahead 2 weeks from now.

You’ve re-programmed your DNA to turn off your bad genes and turn on your good genes for a forever flat belly, youthful skin and vibrant health.

You sleep like a baby at night, knowing that you’ve just given yourself a new path to a longer, healthier life… not just for yourself, but for your your kids and our future.

…and most important, you’re in awe of yourself.

In the past 14 days, you’ve done far more than lose weight and tighten your skin:

You’ve recreated a life you can love…

Down to your very DNA, you are a new you: a new metabolism, a flatter belly, amazing energy, younger skin, and at less risk for disease.

And it all started with the decision you’ll make today. All you have to do is click the “Buy Now” button below for your exclusive VIP discount.

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In Love, Health, and Happiness,

Erin Nielsen, PT, CHC, CPI

P.S. – The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox is a whole foods program designed to rid your body of it’s addiction to sugar, carbs, processed and packaged foods and replace it with wholesome, nourishing anti-aging ingredients to turn on your barely known Youth Method Switch. You will look younger, feel younger and prevent accelerated aging to your skin, joints and organs – You will fight aging, win, and finally feel better in your body!

P.P.S. – The anti-aging foods you will be eating have a lovely side effect – they will also help to boost your metabolism, and increase fat burning by improving your blood sugar, reducing harmful inflammation, balancing your hormones, and fixing your broken metabolism.

P.P.P.S – You don’t have to decide right now. TAKE A FULL 60 DAYS TO PUT US TO THE TEST WITH OUR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you don’t see results – you pay nothing.

Try The 14 Day Diet Detox Program risk free!

Now Only $19!


Q. What exactly is The Youth Method 14-Day Diet Detox?

A. It is a proven, whole-foods based program designed to help you repair your skin to reveal brighter smoother radiant skin and a flat belly in just 2 weeks. The program includes complete day to day meal plans, recipes, and more to help you along the way.

Q. What kinds of foods will I be eating on The 14-Day Diet Detox?

A. You will be eating real, whole, nutrient-dense foods on the program instead of eating refined and highly processed foods. There are great tips and tricks for how to manage the program while dining out, traveling, and overall living a busy life!

Q. Will I need to purchase supplements to complete the program?

A. In the program, you’ll find recommendations for supplements if you would like to try using some of them, but they are not required for your success. Many find them to be extremely helpful, however, and we do recommend reviewing the options to see if any of them sound like something that might help you.

Now Only $19

Q. Is The 14-Day Diet Detox appropriate for vegetarians or pescetarians? What about vegans?

A. Pescetarians/lacto-ovo pescetarians can substitute seafood choices for any of the lean proteins. If you follow a strictly plant-foods-based or animal-foods-free vegan diet, The 14-Day Detox is not appropriate for you.

Q. Is The 14-Day Diet Detox appropriate if I follow a strictly gluten-free diet?

A. Yes! This program is 100% gluten-free. It’s also soy-free, corn-free, peanut-free and overall very allergen-free friendly.

Q. Is The 14-Day Diet Detox appropriate if I follow a Paleo or Primal diet?

A. Yes!

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Q. Is The 14-Day Diet Detox family-friendly/safe for children and teens?

A. Yes! Families can absolutely complete the program together with wholesome real food – it’s absolutely family-friendly.

Q. Is The 14-Day Diet Detox safe for diabetics?

A. Yes! The The 14-Day Diet Detox is a whole-foods based program, and is safe for anyone. That said, if you are under the care of a medical professional, are insulin dependent, or are taking blood sugar regulating medications, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before beginning any new nutritional program. You may find that your medications need to be adjusted with your new way of eating, and enlisting the support of your doctor will be important.

Q. I want to get started right away! In fact, I have my eye on one of the recipe pictures above and want to make it immediately! How long do I have to wait for you to deliver these cookbooks to me?

A. I’ve got you covered! Not only are you going to save money on shipping fees, you’re also going to get my entire system instantly downloaded right after your purchase.

Q. What if it doesn’t work for me?

A. This is an easy one. If for some reason it doesn’t work for you…then it’s free because you have a full 60 day guarantee. No questions asked.

Try The 14 Day Diet Detox Program risk free!

Now Only $19!

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