Meet Erin

    Hi, I’m Erin Nielsen and as a woman in her forties, I truly believe that no matter your age – we all deserve to lead a life we love. The beautiful thing is – we all have the potential to create it for ourselves.

    By harnessing the power of Epigentics or in less fancy terms how you eat, how you move, even your thoughts are very important in how your body gives information to your genes and can reprogram them for better or worse.

    Through The Youth Method you can learn how to optimize your gene expression for health through better food choices, the correct type of workouts, sleep habits and stress management.

    You can activate your body’s natural ability to turn your good genes on and your bad genes off for vibrant health, fat loss, and ageless energy.


    A life you love is waiting for you!

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    The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox

    Reset Your Body’s Natural Ability to Burn Trapped Fat, Look Youthful, & Get Your Energy Back.

    Toned In Ten Fitness

    Defy Aging, Burn Fat, And Reshape Your Body With My 10 Minute At-Home Workouts.

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